In southeastern Wisconsin, it’s essential to grow the talent pool.

We can do it by reaching young people earlier and introduce them to the world of work and potential careers in the region. The Milwaukee metro area is projected to see the gap between available jobs and available workforce increase to 100,000 by 2023. These unfilled job openings are the result of modest economic growth, an aging workforce and a declining working-age population.

To respond to this workforce challenge, the M7 Talent Partnership has launched the GROW HERE Campaign to keep young, talented workers in the Milwaukee Region. The campaign facilitates career-based learning experiences for students so they are better prepared to enter and succeed in the workforce. The initiative connects businesses, students, educators and community organizations through the Inspire web-based platform and creates opportunities for ongoing interactions.

Provide 200,000 career-based learning experiences with businesses by 2020.


  • Participating companies experience significant improvement in time-to-fill and retention rates so your business can GROW HERE.
  • Young people understand regional career opportunities and choose career paths in industries that allow them to GROW HERE.

Regional economy

With more than 2 million people and 50,000 businesses, the seven-county Milwaukee Region is an exciting place to build a business. Working closely with high-potential, high-growth industries the Milwaukee 7 is helping three core industry clusters innovate, build a pipeline of talent and grow exports and entrepreneurship. Industry-led networks are creating synergies that are resulting in new opportunities. >>More

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The Mid-West Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC) is focused on the growth and economic competitiveness of the Energy, Power & Control Industry cluster across the Midwest Region. Learn more at
FaB Wisconsin is a network for food, beverage, ingredient, equipment and packaging makers that raises industry awareness and capacity for growth and advancement. Learn more at  The Water Council’s mission is to align the regional freshwater research community with water-related industries. Learn more at

Talent sourcing

When a company expands in or relocates to the Milwaukee Region, finding new workers can’t wait. The Milwaukee 7 team connects companies to the right people and resources to help fill positions immediately. The Talent Partnership can help you navigate the many agencies, staffing companies and college connections that make the most sense for your industry and business. >>Contact us today!