Register on Inspire in three easy steps and help your company GROW HERE. Participation is easily tailored to your level of involvement and schedule.

Step 1 – Collect your information

For Company Profiles:
Have on hand a description of your company, links to your company webpage and job site, a description of the quality and skills you look for in potential employees and list of jobs you hire for.

For Career Coaches:
Grab your resume to remind yourself of your past positions.

Step 2 – Register online

It will take you less than a half hour!  For companies, click on the “Join Now as a Company” button. For Career Coaches, click on the “Join Now as a Career Coach” button.

Step 3 – Log in

In 7-10 days you’ll receive a confirmation email with your log in information.* Log in to the Partner Portal to confirm your profile is accurate. You can make any changes or add any additional information — including company videos or logos — in the Partner Portal.

* If your company is located in Washington County, your registration will be routed for follow-up to the local program lead, the United Way of Washington County.

Enroll your company

Join now as a Career Coach!
If your company already has a profile, or you’d like to register independently (apart from a company) as a career coach.
Become a Career Coach

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